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Action A1 – Preparatory Actions of eradication black rat (Rattus rattus)

Action A1 – Preparatory actions of eradication black rat (Rattus rattus)

The activities consist of field work on population of Rattus Rattus on Linosa island, field-tests (on Linosa), laboratory analysis and planning of Action A1. In particular, field work will be conducted on the abundance of the black rat in the main habitats on Linosa island during different seasons of the year, on the reproductive phenology and on other ecological aspects. Expeditious analysis will also be carried out in further areas where standard sampling methods are not used. Subsequentely, analysis on genetic characterization of black rat populations in Linosa will be carried out. The same analysis will be used to sample rat populations found in ports of embarkation for ferries connecting Lampedusa to Linosa and Sicily. Monitoring of the possible presence of rodents on board the ferries will be carried out through installation of dispenser with trakin cards, controlled on a monthly basis. Field tests will be carried out in order to choose rodent baits and all the techincal aspect will be described, e.g., setting on GIS a grid of distribution points of baits. The project will be drawn up togheter with the operational plan of eradication, which will be scheduled during the period of absence or minimal presence of reproductive activity in rat population. The above mentioned activities will allow to:
• estimate indices of black rats abundance on Linosa island by season and habitat;
• aquire information about the seasonality of reproduction in black rats on Linosa;
• determine the genetic characterization of rat population;
• aquire information for developing the rat eradication process;
• select the active ingredient and some chemical compounds (formulati) that can be used to eradicate;
• estimate the quantities of rodent baits to distribute and the optimal period for black rat eradication;
• identify private areas for distrubution of baits;
• get information about the risks of rat recolonization in relation to different types of ships;
• acquire information to identify risk reduction measures;
• plan the implementation of actions C1 and C2 and write down both the Project and the Operational Plan for the eradication of rats.
Action C1 will be carried out by SAF with the participation of DRARFD, which will help SAF to monitor the activities, and will be completed by December 2013 (investigations and tests) – March 2014 (project draft )

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