Conservazione della principale popolazione europea di Berta maggiore mediterranea Calonectris diomedea e altri uccelli pelagici nelle Isole Pelagie

Action C3 – Eradication of invasive plant species

Action C3 – Eradication of invasive plant species

Among the invasive plant species found in Linosa, there are two that requires urgent intervention. They are Nicotiana glauca, already widespread in ruderal areas on the outskirts, on the edge of the roads and on rocky shores where colonies of gulls can be found, and Carpobrotus edulis, which is listed as one of the most invasive plant species and already covers rocky coasts around village and could extend occupying similar places within the SCI.
At this stage manual and mechanical removal of Carpobrotus edulis and Nicotiana glauca will be carried out by uprooting or by other means which do not require the use of chemicals. Planting of native species, chosen according to different local characteristics, will be carried out in sites where Carpobrotus and Nicotiana will be eliminated. Information campaigns towards residents and second homes owners will also be carried out in order to eradicate species in private property.
The elimination of these species entails not only positive direct effects due to maintaining these habitats and level of naturalness, but, in the case of Carpobrotus edulis, helps to promote the success of the action C1. Where Carpobrotus is found, it represents one of the main food resources for rat populations in winter. The activities will be carried out by DRARFD, with the help of SAF, which will deal with scientific and technical coordination and provide support for communication actions.


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