Conservazione della principale popolazione europea di Berta maggiore mediterranea Calonectris diomedea e altri uccelli pelagici nelle Isole Pelagie


photos of the meeting in Lampedusa and Linosa- 18-21 October 2017

Trunk Nicotiana after 4 months from cut and treatment with glyphosate in February 2017 Action C3

Nicotiana sprouts along a low wall in February 2017 Action C3

Eradication alien plants in February 2017 Action C3

Business school in Linosa in February 2017

Eradication of Nicotiana glauca in Linosa

Start of actions D2 and E7

The Beginning of Rat Eradication at Linosa

Mediterranean Cory’s Shearwater

Yelkouan Shearwater

Mediterranean Storm Petrel

Carpobrotus edulis eradication – October 2014

Rats Trapping on Lampedusa – February/March 2014

Monitoring Yelkouan Shearwater – February/April 2014

Linosa habitat

Plants and landscape

Monitor First Visit – 2013, 30 September/2 October

Apposition of metallic nameplates on the Cory’s Shearwater nests in Linosa – August 2013

Preparation of traps for rats monitoring – Summer 2013

Didactic-informative panels about the project in Linosa – Summer 2013

Presentation of the project to the inhabitants of Linosa – July 2013

Press conference – Monumental Complex of Steri (Palermo University Rectorate) - 2012, 10 December

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