Conservazione della principale popolazione europea di Berta maggiore mediterranea Calonectris diomedea e altri uccelli pelagici nelle Isole Pelagie

Private negotiation about printing of didactic-informative panels and brochure

Fare Ambiente Sicilia as associated beneficiary, partecipates to the LIFE11 + NAT/IT/000093 “Pelagic Birds” project - “Conservation of the main European population of Calonectris diomedea and other pelagic birds on Pelagic Islands” which has the Palermo University – SAF Department as coordinator beneficiary. Among the Fare Ambiente Sicilia assignements there is the  achievement of n° 10 didactic-informative panels and of 15.000 informative brochure with the following features: – Panels in forex, coloured, size 70×100, gauge cm 1, with digital printing on sticky PVC + plastic coated, 625,00 + VAT; – Brochure with three faces, closed format 10 x 21 – open format 30 x 21, four-colour printing for both faces on  glazed opaque paper gr 130 – folded, euro 725,00 + VAT.

Regarding to this, the typography is invited to define the best supply to espletate this printing work within 15 days starting from the publication date on the website. The supply has to include the prof copy, the carriage and delivery at the Fare Ambiente Sicilia headquarters, via M. Vaccaro 11, Palermo. The supply has to be marked down compared to the price in the attached contract, signed by the legal representative and inserted (shall be invalid) in a closed envelope with the sender name and adress, and the caption: “Trattativa privata per l’acquisizione del servizio di stampa di brochure e pannelli per l’attività di divulgazione del progetto LIFE11+NAT/IT/000093 Pelagic Birds”. The supply has to arrive at Fare Ambiente Sicilia,Via M. Vaccaro 11 – 90145 Palermo, before 11.00 a.m.,  the 06/15/2013 (deadline) by Postal service – private courier is accepted – or by direct delivery. The supplies arrived after the deadline will not be accepted. With the supply the company has to send (shall be invalid) the attached substituive declaration, signed as provided for law, and a copy of a subscriber valid identity document. The payement will be made for each supply, after the technical check and after the concerning invoice.

The supply will be assigned to the company which will send the best offer marked down compared to the price  in the attached contract. In case of incongruity between the price expressed by numbers and the one expressed by letters, the one most convenient for Fare Ambiente Sicilia will be considered as valid. Supplies with identical price, which are more expansive compared to the price  in the attached contract, which are not signed, and the ones arrived after the deadline will not be valid.

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